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Tesserae Creative is an independent graphic design studio with offices in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2002, we provide design services for clients across a range of industries, particularly those in the creative industries such as fashion, architecture and jewellery design.

We help small and medium sized businesses realise their full marketing potential – whether that is is through the creation of a logo, brand, or website.

Our emphasis is on making beautiful, easy to use sites, after all:

Over 75% of web users admit to judging the creditability of a business based on the design of its site

We build websites using the open-source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. We have tried many different CMSs in the past, but WordPress continues to provide an extremely easy-to-use administration portal that allows our clients to manage their own content without the need for engaging us (or any other web developer) to help them.

Did you know over 50% of all websites are built on WordPress?
Some notables include the BBC, Volkswagen and The New York Times.


Our founding director Tessa Read has a background in fine art and interior design, and this, in conjunction with her experience and passion for graphic design, has resulted in the development of a business that truly understands other creative individuals.

Wondering what our unusual name is all about? Tesserae is a term used to describe the small pieces that form a mosaic. And that’s how we like to think of our designers – as unique pieces that together, form a complex network of talent. We have a strong network of illustrators, marketing experts, animation gurus and desktop publishers who are employed on a project basis, which means you pay only for the specialist designers who work on your project.

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